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8.1.4 Upload Tool URL Parameters, option with Security Token

  • ThruFolderID [mandatory] : base64string value that represents encrypted security token

  • ThruSuccessUrl [mandatory] : Browser window containing Java upload applet will be redirected to this URL on successful upload

  • ThruErrorReportingUrl [mandatory] : Browser window containing Java applet will be redirected to this URL on failed upload.

If upload failed, server will return server error code (see below) in parameter “ThruErrorCode”.

If an error occurred and ThruErrorReportingURL is not defined then server will throw an exception in the page which contains Java upload applet.

Note: the value of ThruErrorReportingUrl is not validated. You should verify it is a valid URL that does exist when integrating Thru java upload applet.

  • ThruFileFilter [optional] : specifies which file types can be uploaded via Java applet


<Description> : <extension1>, <extension2> … <extensionN> .

Example: ThruFileFilter=“Zip files (*.zip, *.7z, *.tar): zip, 7z, tar” will allow upload of files with zip, 7z, tar extensions.

Browsing in Add button is allowed only to the files of specified type. Drag and drop for all other file types is ignored.

If parameter is not specified, all file types can be uploaded.

  • ThruFileFilterExceptions [optional] : specifies which file types cannot be uploaded via Java applet.


<extension1>, <extensionX>. 

Example: ThruFileFilterExceptions=exe,msi,mp3 will prevent uploading of the file types exe, msi, mp3.

Note: Parameters ThruFileFilter and ThruFileFilterExceptions are mutually exclusive, only one can be used on java upload URL.

If the same file extension is specified in ThruFileFilter and ThruFileFilterExceptions, the latter overrides the former.

  • ThruApplicationID [mandatory] : id of application for which the security token is created

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