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Skip table of contents Download Tool URL Parameters, option with no Security Token

  • ThruSessionId [mandatory] – Unique identifier of the current session.

  • ThruSuccessUrl [mandatory] : Browser window containing Java download applet will be redirected to this URL on successful download

  • ThruErrorReportingUrl [mandatory] : Browser window containing Java applet will be redirected to this URL on failed download.

If download failed, server will return server error code (see below) in parameter “ThruErrorCode”.

If an error occurred and ThruErrorReportingURL is not defined then server will throw an exception in the page which contains Java download applet.

Note: the value of ThruErrorReportingUrl is not validated. You should verify it is a valid URL that does exist when integrating Thru java download applet.

  • ThruFiles [optional] – string of comma separated IDs of files to download.

String format: <fileId1>,… <fileIdN> .
Example: ThruFiles=“18270,18367”

  • ThruFolders [optional] – string of comma separated IDs of folders for download.

String format: <fileId1>, <fileId2> … <fileIdN> .

Example: ThruFolders=“198, 199”

Note: at least one parameter ThruFiles or ThruFolders should not be empty.

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