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05/10/22 Ver

Release Notes - [Thru AFT] [Ver]
Release Date: [05/10/22]

[New Features]

  • Transfer Manager and Processing Manager now support a shutdown mode where new transfer requests are blocked. While in shutdown mode the managers will wait until all pending requests complete before terminating the service. This allows deployments without a maintenance window.

  • Processing functionality has removed from the Transfer Manager and placed into a new micro service: ‘Processing Manager’. This allows independent scaling of the file transfer and file processing services

  • Processing on source flow endpoints serviced by a Node always runs on Node before uploading to the cloud

  • Thru Node Installer script supports legacy Windows Server 2012

  • Activity Page has new filter by file transfers that were quarantined by Antivirus.

  • Antivirus scans files of unlimited file sizes.

  • Flows trigger UI and Email alerts when virus files are detected.


  • Improved performance and scalability of the back-end

  • Activity page has changed to facilitate better performance. The page will now automatically load results as you scroll instead of frontloading all results.

[Other Notes]

  • Antivirus is now enabled for all endpoint types except Node.

  • Node Retention is no longer required as all temporary files are immediately removed.

  • Improved the visibility for org users on activity page for files that transfer between organizations.


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