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09/02/24 Ver

Release Notes - [Thru AFT] [Ver]
Release Date: [09/02/24]

[New Features] 

  • PGP Signing - Encrypt and Sign, single file.

  • PGP Decrypt & Verify Signature - Single file

  • Batch/multiple file Compression Support - External Endpoints only

  • Batch/multiple file Decompression Support (Archives with multiple files, zip, 7zip)


  • Split TM and Node builds to prevent Node update with each TM update and reduce unnecessary changes on customer networks.

  • Activity - Processing Status and Transfer Status column details, the Anti Virus verbiage need spacing

  • Node - cloud Source Processing status not showing on Activity page

  • Activity - getFileActivity - list of source files only

  • Implement file size limit for AV scanning

  • UI : Processing Options - Support New Encryption Options

  • Audit : Success/failed logins of machine users to SFTP/FTPS internals should be added to Audit with extended info

  • PGP Key - Update Max Character Count For Name, Passphrase and Username

[Bug Fixes]

  • Perform target processing on the Node

  • Transfer Test Failed - Not retrying LAN connection attempts

  • Errors when target path starts with "//"

  • Activity: File History missing 'Received' status on targets

  • Audit : Portal: User Logout, Timeout, and Lockout not recording

  • Activity: Transfer Errors not showing filename in activity stream

  • Unauthorized Access Exception Error in Prod Flow

  • Bulk delete on user roles - not showing role name

  • Associating a user with an Org makes it an Org user even if it has full admin permissions.

  • Clicking "Add Flow Endpoint" results in the modal loading twice.

  • Internal Endpoints Receive Inactivity Alert While Flow Is Disabled/Unpublished

  • Cancel All button doesnt work on Upload Widget and Overwrite replaces the existing metadata

  • iPaaS Flow Receiving Create Directory Error

  • Roles : Role deletion bug

  • 200+ FlowEndPoint Support - Long Flow Update Time Causes 504 Error

  • Error when deleting machine users

  • Rename : Apply on Path button isn't working

  • Ascii character in username - can't login, error trying logging in portal

  • 301 error screen when trying to access the mapping section

  • Web widget uploaded files need to indicate Error when timeout occurs due to network issues

  • Reporting the success of a web-widget file upload - UI says Progress and API says Success on a Partial

  • Flow Import : Cannot Import Flows with Encryption/Decryption options

  • Sessions : Log Out And Time Out Are Not Recorded

  • Trigger Files : Target Temp File Name is Not Working

  • "Set Password" link on user activation email, causes page to be white screen until reloaded

  • Activity : File Activity Page hangs intermittently

  • Partial Files Being Pulled And Attempting To Decrypt

  • Flow Studio Endpoint Editor - Changes to endpoint configuration page are lost when user navigates to another tab

  • Decompressing breaks activity page

  • Target Decompression on Internal causing files to not be delivered

  • 7z Compression not working

  • PGP Keys - Update Max Character Count For Name, Passphrase and Username

  • Source Rename + Target Compression does not work - Flows configured with source rename + target compression fail processing on target side.

  • Flow Studio Endpoint Editor - Target filename filtering broken

  • Alerts : Transfer Limit alert not firing

  • Overview page not working - Fix date select logic and adjusted MTD to be cumulative.

  • Target Trigger Files - Target trigger files not being generated

  • Use Content API for UI file downloads

  • Add flow endpoint button does not react to selecting a flow endpoint

  • Flow Subscriber "select all" checkbox not working

  • Drive Machine Users modal with URL

  • Activity : File Size '0KB' on the 'Activity' Page When Uploading File Into UI

  • Delete Rename Not Working

  • Target Transfer Error - Unable to Upload/Unable to Create Directory

  • Downloading Files from the UI results in .txt extension being automatically appended if there is no extension on the file

  • Errored File Purged With Soft Retention

  • Node Target Renames not working

  • ServerUsers cache is not invalidated if flow was published

  • Compression not working on Internal Source

  • Batch compression toggle not working for FTPS External

  • On Arrival Auto Changes To Continuously Upon Any Changes Pushed - intermittent

  • Source Encryption Processing Error on Internal and External FTPS Endpoints

  • Activity : Filter by status doesn't work

  • Activity : Files from iPaaS Connector Endpoint Show 0 size

  • Activity : No Record of Successful or Failed Downloads on Activity Page for Externals and Internal Endpoints

  • Internal users save button missing

  • 'Signing PGP Key' and 'Verification Key' Not Set When Importing Flow

  • Target mappings being deleted when source endpoint path changes

  • Activity : Filtering by Organization & Endpoint not working

  • Logging in with MFA enabled causes white screen and you have to refresh page


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