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20/01/23 Ver

Release Notes - [Thru AFT] [Ver]
Release Date: [20/01/23]


ENDPOINT AND NODE STATUS ON FLOW STUDIO - There are now indicators on Flow Studio showing the status of Thru Nodes and Organization Endpoints used by the flow. The indicators mimic the functionality of the existing Flow Endpoint Status indicators.

NODE UNINSTALLATION LOG PERSISTANCE - When a Thru Node is uninstalled, log files will no longer be deleted.

SHAREPOINT CONNECTOR WORKS WITH DOCUMENT LIBRARIES - The SharePoint connector previously only worked on OneDrive. Now it also can work with SharePoint and document libraries as well as One Drive.

NODE INSTALL LOG - A separate log file will be created in the Thru Node Install directory with a log file showing information about Thru Node Installation.

[Other Notes]

Login Page now has a show/hide password button.

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