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The Alerts dashboard allows you to manage all current and historical alerts from a single location.

You can filter, list and update alert status to Cleared or Acknowledged states.


Alert Activity Page - Alert Activity Filters

Alert Activity Filters include:

Alert Type, Endpoint Code, Flow Code, Organization Code, From (Date), To (Date), and Alert State.

Select the desired filters and click Apply to list alerts.

Alert Activity Page - Column Headers

Alert Activity results column headers include:

FLOW - Name of the flow.
ALERT TYPE - See list of Alert Types below.
CREATED - Date created.
SEVERITY - Critical (Files Not Delivered) or Warning (Files Are Delivered).
ALERT ID - Identification number of the alert.
ORGANIZATION - Name of the Organization related to the alert.
STATE - Alert State : Active, Cleared, Acknowledged.
DETAILS - Click the link to view the alert information popup box, which includes links to Organization, Endpoint Name and Flow Name so you can resolve the alert.
ACTIONS - By clicking the dots, you can clear or acknowledge the alert.

Alert Types

Transfer Error - Examples File no longer exists at source endpoint, Failed to download file from the cloud, Received HTTP Response Code 404 Not Found, Unable to check for file existence during upload,

Connection Error - Examples SFTP Logon Error. (No such host is known.), Source Worker Connection Error, Target Worker Connection Error, LAN Connection Error

Transfer Limit Exceeded - Example Flow endpoint file transfer rate exceeded. Limit: 1 over 1 hour(s). Actual transfer count: 7

Inactivity - Example No files transferred at flow endpoint for the defined time period.

Quarantined - Example Quarantined | AmsiScanBuffer, VIRUS DETECTED, HRESULT 00000000

Path Error - Example Flow Endpoint Source Path does not exist: "/"

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