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Auto-blocking policy for SFTP/FTPS

The built-in defender allows Thru to configure an auto-blocking policy for SFTP/FTPS inbound traffic and thus helps to prevent DoS (Denial of Service) and brute force password guessing.

As this service is enabled it will protect Thru’s SFTP and FTPS services and it will automatically block hosts (IP addresses) that continually fail to log in or attempt to connect.

Our security setting has an observation time for accumulating banning points for 30 minutes.

Each successful attempt is 1 point.

The ban threshold is 15 points.

Therefore after 16 successful connections the IP had 16 points resulting in the ban.

Frequent successful logins over a relatively short period of time is usually seen as a potential security threat.

If you believe you have been blacklisted, please contact Thru’s help center by visting :

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