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The overall health of the entire application can be checked using the following endpoint:

GET [[PublicApiUrl]]/api/Healthcheck/Application (this requires the api url not the site url)

If the application is healthy, the API will return HTTP status code 200. If any component is unhealthy, the API will return HTTP status code 503.

In either case, the response body will look like:

    "Thru.MFT.ProcessingManager": "Healthy",
    "Thru.MFT.UI.API": "Healthy",
    "Thru.MFT.TransferManager": "Healthy",
    "Thru.MFT.FlowManager": "Healthy",
    "Thru.MFT.ContentAPI": "Healthy",
    "Thru.MFT.Redis": "Healthy",
    "Thru.MFT.DB.Mongo": "Healthy",
    "Thru.MFT.Flow.API": "Healthy",
    "Thru.MFT.Audit.API": "Healthy",
    "Thru.MFT.Databases": "Healthy",
    "Thru.MFT.Mailer": "Healthy",
    "Thru.MFT.SFTPS": "Healthy",
    "Thru.MFT.SFTPS.API": "Healthy"


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