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The Audit API tracks changes to elements in the UI and all user actions.

The changes are visible through an API endpoint api/audit/swagger/ or /api/audit/swagger/v1/swagger.json

Example requests :

1 - GET /api/Audit - Retrieves audit log events filtered by the "Configuration" category and on or after the given date



2 - GET /api/Audit - Retrieves audit log events filtered by the "Transfer" category and between the given date ranges



3 - GET /api/Audit - Retrieves audit log events filtered by the "Login Failed" event type and on or after the given date



4 - GET /api/Audit - Same example as the previous with pagination support



Please adjust the date range according, otherwise it will take a long time to generate the request using the examples shown above.

Details on the different Event Types


  • UserChange (101): When a user makes a change.

  • UserGroupChange (102): When a user group is modified.

  • PermissionsChange (103): When permissions are altered.

  • FlowChange (104): When a flow is changed.

  • OrganizationChange (105): When an organization undergoes change.

  • EndpointChange (106): When an endpoint is modified.

  • ThruNodeChange (107): When a ThruNode is changed.

  • FlowEndpointChange (108): When a flow endpoint is altered.

  • SSHKeyChange (109): When an SSH key is modified.

  • PGPKeyChange (110): When a PGP key is modified.

  • CertificateChange (111): When a certificate is changed.

User Action

  • LoginSuccess (201): When a user logs in successfully.

  • LoginFailed (202): When a login attempt fails.

  • Logout (203): When a user logs out.

  • SSOLoginSuccess (204): When a single sign-on login is successful.

  • SSOLoginFailed (205): When a single sign-on login attempt fails.

MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

  • OneTimePasscodeSent (211): When a one-time passcode is sent for authentication.


  • AlertAcknowledge (301): When an alert is acknowledged.

  • AlertClear (302): When an alert is cleared.

  • AlertSuppress (303): When an alert is suppressed.

  • AlertReactivate (304): When a deactivated alert is reactivated.


  • ReportDownload (401): When a report is downloaded.

Import/Export (Flow)

  • FlowExport (501): When a flow is exported.

  • FlowImport (502): When a flow is imported.

  • ExportConnectionInfo (503): When connection information is exported.


  • FlowEndpointScheduleRun (601): When a scheduled run for a flow endpoint occurs.

  • FlowManualRun (602): When a manual run of a flow endpoint is initiated.

  • ManualFileDownload (603): When a file is manually downloaded.

  • ManualFileUpload (604): When a file is manually uploaded.


  • ThruNodeInstall (701): When a ThruNode is installed.

  • ThruNodeUninstall (702): When a ThruNode is uninstalled.


  • SessionTimeout (801): When a user session times out.

  • AccountLockout (802): When an account is locked out due to multiple failed login attempts.

  • ForgotUsername (803): When a user forgets their username.

  • ForgotPassword (804): When a user forgets their password.

  • AccountUnban (805): When an account is unbanned.

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