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Thru Node Runtime

The Thru Node serves as a runtime environment, enabling Thru Cloud to effectively coordinate the node's actions, granting direct access to local folders and directory structures within a local area network through the creation of a File Share endpoint.

Following installation onto a local device, the node is subsequently set up to establish communication with a specific instance of Thru.

Utilizing HTTPS with token-based authentication, the Thru Node establishes a connection to Thru Cloud. It's important to note that the connection is unidirectional, originating from the Thru Node and reaching out to the cloud. Consequently, no inbound ports need to be opened within a corporate firewall when the Node is deployed within an internal network environment.

Furthermore, the node enables seamless cross-folder delivery and facilitates local device exports. The management and configuration of this feature are carried out through Thru's Flow Studio and the Organization Endpoint within the cloud.

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