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Thru Swagger UI API pages

What is Swagger?

Swagger is an open source set of rules, specifications and tools for developing and describing RESTful APIs. The Swagger framework allows developers to create interactive, machine and human-readable API documentation.

How Does Thru Use Swagger?

Thru Engineers have created a Swagger page to document APIs. Each PUT, GET, POST call is listed on the page for each section of the UI. The Schemas listed at the bottom of the page are associated with the calls listed.

You may find that some calls may not use the entire associated schema that is listed on the Thru Swagger page under Schemas.

How Can You Use Swagger?

All the documented APIs can be tested on the Swagger page, by clicking “Try It” You must first authenticate by creating a user token or API Key in order to use the “Try It” button.


API Authentication can be achieved in 2 ways.

  1. User Token Authentication - Expires in 24hrs

  2. API Key

Once you have your token created, you can use the Authorize button to begin your session and your token will be used each time you click “Try It” The button is located on the top right-hand side of the Thru Swagger page.

How to Navigate to Your Thru Swagger Page

Your Swagger page can be accessed easily by navigating to your login page and then type the “/swagger” at the end of the URL. Below are examples for each region instance.

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