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Activating Mobility for Users

If a user was not given mobile access when their account was initially created, you can activate mobility for that user by adding them to one or both of the Thru mobile user groups:

Mobile Web Users and Mobile App Users.

Definition of Thru mobile user groups:

Mobile Web Users: Users within this group can access the Thru site via mobile web browsers.

Mobile App Users: Users within this group can access Thru via native mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Users can download Thru native mobile applications for free from the iTunes and Google Play app stores:

Thru for iPhone and iPad download:

Adding Users to Mobile Groups:

To add users to one or both of the Thru mobile groups:

  1. Go to the Groups section from the Thru Admin Dashboard

Locate the mobile group you want to add a user to and click it to select it.

For this example, we have selected the Mobile App Users group.

After selecting a group, click on the Users tab and select Modify. The “Modify Users” window opens.

In the Search Bar, change “This Group” to “All Users” and click Search so you can browse an entire list of users in your Thru site who are not in this group.
To add a user(s), check the box next to a user’s name, and click Save at the bottom of the window when you are through.

You can also search for a specific user by entering keywords in the search bar or you can filter all users by their Name, Username, Company, and Email.

Follow these same four steps to add users to the Mobile Web Users group.

Users who have not been added to either of the mobile groups still have the ability to download files from a distribution link (sent via email) using a mobile device, and can also upload files from a mobile device using Thru Dropbox™.

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