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Adding/Deleting a Group

You can add more groups to manage your users on the site better and more efficiently.

For example, make a Sales group have all the sales representatives.

You can also delete a group if you no longer have a need for it.

Be advised that built-in groups cannot be deleted.

Adding a New Group

To add a new group:

Click Add Group at the top left of the window.

The Add User Group screen opens.

Enter the Name of the group you want to create.

Next, select which role will be allowed to modify the group in the future.

  • If Modify Role is set to Manager, users with the Manager and Administrator role will be able to modify contents and add/delete users in the group.
    We recommend leaving the default as Manager-level privileges.

  • If Modify Role is set to Administrator, only users with the Administrator role will be able to modify contents and add/delete users in the group.

The Modify Role setting defines which level of role can edit the group, it has no impact on the roles of users who are members of the group.

  • User roles are assigned whenever the user is created by an Administrator.
    To learn about the different user roles in Thru, please visit the section of this manual called Creating a New User

After you have selected which role can modify the group, enter a description of the group that will enable other users to easily differentiate it from other groups.

Deleting a Group

To delete a group, select the check box for the group you want to delete, and then click Delete.

Only user-created group’s can be deleted.

Built-in groups that are created by the system cannot be deleted and will show an error message when attempting to delete them.

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