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External File Servers

In this section the External File Servers accessing configuration can be defined.

This configuration is used for processing links to the External File Servers in the Thru messages.

The main format is the following:

[CustomServerName1]=[url prefix];[official name];[domain];[username];[password]
[CustomServerName2]=[url prefix];[official name] name];[domain];[username];[password] name]


CustomServerName – is a custom name (is not used in processing).

You can select anything but it shall be unique in this section.

Otherwise only first one will be applied.

URL pattern/prefix – is a pattern for the URL.

Can be specified in one of the following formats:

– url prefix – just a string. All links that starts with this string will be processed. Empty strings are ignored. – url pattern as a regular expression – is a PERL-compatible regular expression.

The links matched by this pattern will be processed. Incorrect patterns will be ignored.
Shall be wrapped with slashes: /regexp/
So the following configs are equal:



Official Name – is a name of the External Server that can be used in the information messages/dialogs in the Thru clients.
For multi-wording names the parameter value shall be wrapped with double quotas (“).

Domain, Username, Password – optional fields, shall be added if Server requires authentication.

Server1=;“Documentation Server”;company;admin;12345
Server2=/http:\/\/Share2\.company\.com\/.+/;“Documentation Server”

If a single link can be matched by more than one configurations then the first one will be applied according to their order in this configuration file.

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