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Form Actions

  • GO button: Submits a new search.

  • Result Layout: The default Summary shows operation information only without related files and folders.
    Basic Detail includes file and folder information as specified by the user.
    (Only items marked with Top flag are shown in the result.)
    Full Detail includes all items participated in the operation including folder descendants.
    If results are shown on the page, changing a layout takes effect immediately; there is no need to click the go button.

  • Clear Result button: Clears result section.

  • Reset Filter button: Restores default filter.

  • Export Page button: Converts results shown on the page to Excel.

  • Export All button: Converts entire matching results to Excel.
    (Caution: It is recommended to check Total matching rows before clicking the export button. Excel might take long time to open for a very large result set.)

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