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GDPR Compliance Feature

GDPR tab is visible in Administrative UI in the Site Options > GDPR.

The following features are implemented to make Thru software GDPR compliant:

  • Administrative UI to enable and configure GDPR features, requires administrator to consent to agreement provided by Thru

  • Administration feature to edit the consent text for external guest users when Thru site operates in GDPR mode.

  • User removal request feature – Feature for registered or guest user to request deletion of personal information with confirmation of mailbox ownership and the tool for administrator to delete user on request

  • Administrative UI/tool to handle removal requests and remove user information

  • Allow to delete user which is a external recipient of Thru distribution (without account in Thru)

  • GDPR support to audit page

  • Show consent to external users – Guest users will be asked to consent to agreement before registering with Thru site.

  • Tool to toggle individual languages.

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