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Managing Contacts and Contact Lists

From the administration dashboard, an administrator can manage all the contacts and contact lists (aka distribution lists) created in Thru.

Often it is necessary to access a departed employee’s contacts and distribution lists to assign them to another employee.

Contacts will be visible in the Administration portal to all users that are members of the CONTACTS ADMINISTRATORS group.

Click CONTACTS in the administration tree, not the Contacts in the main menu, to access all contacts and lists in the system.

The contacts administrator can change ownership, list membership and sharing options.

These are address book’s of email addresses and email lists that can be used when emails are sent via the Thru web portal only.

Each Thru user can have their own set of Contacts and Contact lists.

In Administration section CONTACTS allow administrators to edit the Contacts of any Thru user.

Contacts are not related to actual Thru users and contacts cannot be included in Thru groups.

Thru user’s may or may not be included in the Contacts.

Contacts can also be grouped into Contact lists, which is unrelated to Thru groups.

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