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Managing Retention Definitions

Retention definitions consist of a schedule and behavior settings.

  • The schedule part is unique, meaning that you can only create one definition for a given retention type plus number of days or date. For example, there can be only one rule for Inactivity Period (3 Days).

  • When a definition is created, the system generates its name. The user can only add a free-form suffix if needed.

  • As shown in the definition list above, by default, definitions are sorted by their generated name which causes them to be grouped by retention type.

  • There can only be one permanent rule in the system.

Creating a New Definition

To create a new definition, you can use the Add Definition button on the definition form action bar.

  • The text you enter in the description field will be visible from the retention rule pages.

  • Definition suffix is optional. Definition name example: Fixed Period (3 Days) – Test Suffix

  • Site default settings are inherited from retention options by default. You can override them.

Editing Definitions

The definition can be edited from the definition list page.

It is advised to check all existing rules that use this definition before making changes.

Deactivating/Reactivating Definitions

Definitions can be deactivated and reactivated from the definition list page.

When a definition is inactivated, all the rules with the definition become inactive immediately.

Deleting Definitions

Definitions can be deleted from the definition list page.

Definitions can only be deleted if they are not referenced by active rules.

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