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Role Definitions


Can access Administration portal

Has access to Users, Groups, Site Options, Audit, Retention, Publishing, Deleted files

Administrator Group : When members are also added to this group, they can see all Folders in the user portal, including all user home folders.

They can then grant access to see and access the Shared Folder (Common folder) for all other users


Can access Administration portal

Can only see Users and Groups in the Admin portal

Can modify user details for users with Member role

Can promote a Member role user to a Manager role

Cannot change a user’s group membership

Can activate or deactivate other users with Member or Manager role

Can issue new passwords (if not an SSO user)

Can change Group membership of non-system groups if Modify Role of the group is set to Manager.

(This is different than change a particular user’s group assignments)

Manager user can be assigned Manage privilege on a folder and therefore give access to other users


Only have access to the User portal
Also to folders they have been given access to by managers and administrators.

Guest Member

A guest member is an external user accessing a distribution via Recipient Login or using the Protected Thru Dropbox mode.

New Protected mode was introduced for Thru Dropbox that requires external senders to self – authenticate to get access to Thru Dropbox. Workflow is identical to protected Thru emails.

Partner Manager

Can access Administration portal, and manage members with the same email domain

Can activate a member user

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