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Create and Save Office Files to Thru

This section of the Thru for Office 365 add-in guide will show you how to create new Microsoft Office 365 files (from Word, Excel, or PowerPoint) and save them to your Thru site.

If you just downloaded the Thru for Office 365 add-in and you do not see the option to save to Thru, it may be because the Office app was open when you installed the add-in.

Close the Office application and restart it. The add-in will be activated.


Files saved using this add-in are saved only to your Thru site, a local copy is NOT concurrently saved to your desktop storage. You would need to explicitly save another copy to a local folder.

First, open the Office app that you would like to use (Word, Excel, or PowerPoint) and create a new file. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. For this example, we will create and save a Word document.

  2. After creating a new document, go to File > Save As in the Office application and select the Thru icon to save the file to Thru.

  3. After selecting the Thru icon, you will be prompted to sign in to your Thru site if you have just set up the add-in or were signed out.
    For more on signing in, Signing In to Thru – Office 365 Add-In.

  4. After signing in, give your document a name and click the Browse Thru button.
    Selecting Browse Thru will allow you to navigate around the cloud file system to choose the folder on your Thru site where you want to save this file.
    The file can be added to either your personal folders or within shared folders in Thru.

  5. Click Save when you are finished browsing. The file will then be saved to the chosen location in your Thru site.

  6. Once the file is saved to your Thru site, every time you make new changes and click Save the file will be updated in your Thru site.

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