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Downloading and Clearing Results of Audit-Activity Log

The Audit-Activity Log also allows you to download the results of your search to Excel or clear your results.

You have the option of downloading all of the results or only the results that are listed on the screen.

Export Results Shown on the Page

When choosing to download only the results that are shown on the page, you will only receive the results that are currently visible. There may be many more results if you have a small number of Rows per Page selected.

Export All Results

This option will choose all of the results that fit your search. This will not, however, download all of the results in the database. To download all of the results in the database, do a search with no search terms indicated. This will bring the entire history. You can then choose to Export All Results to Excel.

Clearing Results

Clearing Results will remove all of your results from the list but your search terms will remain the same. After clearing your results, you can click Go again and replicate the results.

Clearing Filter

Clearing the Filter will return you to default settings and remove any search results. If you had a number of rows selected, chose ascending view or chose a layout other than the default, they will be returned to the default. Also, all search terms will be removed..

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