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Thru Server 9.3.0 Release Notes November 19 2016

Customization of download ZIP archive name prefix 
Permission mask for outbox user folders 
Notification management via API and Customization. Policy setting is added to enable/disable notifications UI
Added support for SHA-256 (also referred to as SHA-2) signatures to SAML 2.0 federation 
New policy is added that allows to set regular or secure message as default in Thru Dropbox page 
Enable storage and usable view of long text in file and folder description 
Added server application IDs to support new MS Office add-in 
Server side sync stability and performance optimizations and added more tuning settings to metadata. Additional logging is implemented
Fixes for Mirroring and Diff operations 
Java applets are re-signed with Thru certificates valid until 2018 

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