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Thru Server 9.6.0 Release Notes November 11 2017

Integration of Thru Web email with external address book

This sever release implements integration of Thru web portal email with external address book via URL-based API.

When enters characters in the address fields TO, CC and BCC, lookup calls to API are made to match entered string to the external address book after first 3 characters are entered, as shown on the screenshot:

Address book search API should be available via URL based in the same domain as Thru site and should be able to support the functions defined in integration JavaScript file AddressBook.js.

How to add integration file AddressBook.js to Thru server configuration:

Copy the file AddressBook.js with integration settings for specific search API to the folder <ThruSiteFileSystemRoot>\Custom\Integrations using the following naming convention:


where sitename is the base URL of Thru site and appname is second part of URL if Thru is not set as a root site.

After the first script request, the file AddressBook.js is copied to a web application cache at this location:


Note:  If a file addressbook.js is updated in source location <ThruSiteFileSystemRoot>\Custom\Integrations, it is not automatically updated in a cache location. Cached file should be deleted manually.

How to set URL and parameters for external Address Book search API in the file AddressBook.js:

Base URL to Address book search API and URI parameters are configured in the method “createAddressBookRequest” in the variable baseUrl and inreturned object.

Detailed instructions on address book integration configuration are in the document Thru Address Book Integration Guide.


RemoteAddressBookIntegrationEnabled :  boolean (DataType=64). Set to 1 to enable remote address book integration. Default setting: 0

Notification emails to senders on each Thru email sent

This server release implements a new confirmation email feature: confirmation email is sent to a Thru user who sent email via Thru web email UI. Confirmation email is sent per each Thru email.

If files or private message were sent in Thru web email, expiration date for file link or private email will be included in confirmation email.


EnableConfirmationEmailOnSend : boolean (DataType=64). Set to 1 to enable confirmation email.
Default setting: 0

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