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Thru Server 9.8.0 Release Notes March 16 2018

Resume operation for download of a single file via browser

Resume operation after Pause or resume after short network interruption is supported for a single file download via built-in browser resume function.

Exception: Resume does not work in Safari browser on Thru email download links.

UX Improvements

·         Messages in Forgot Password

·         Forgot Password/username html popups on custom front pages instead of browser popups

·         Dropbox emails should not be displayed in Sent Email lists

·         Default email template is updated to modern design. I a site uses previous default design, go to Administration/Site Options/Messaging tab and click on Restore Defaults.

Resilience to Storage access issues

In case of storage access issues that may occur dues to infrastructure network or DNS resolution problems, the server executes multiple retries. This logic prevents false positive identification of quarantined files.


Type: integer (DataType=4)

Names and default settings

FileIORetryIntervalSeconds = 3

FileIORetryCount = 10

API enhancements

REST API: REST FileInfo object now contains IsPartiallyUploaded field

Security Enhancements

Captcha in Thru Web email

Prevention of email spamming by authenticated users via scripting:  Captcha will be displayed in Thru Web email if email is sent frequently, before preset time interval is expired.


DistroCaptchaEnabled  boolean (DataType=64) , values 0/1. Enable/Disable captcha for Thru email. Default: 1 (Enabled)

DistroEmailFrequencyInterval  integer (DataType=4) Email frequency interval (in seconds). Default: 30. Set to  0 to always show

Other security fixes

·         Change of email in My profile is protected by a password

·         Version of JavaScript software components is hidden

·         HTTP Header Strict-Transport-Security is added

·         Attributes are added to protect 3rd part links

·         Internal IDs of server objects are removed from the error messages

·         Fixed XSS on New Email page, SFDC security test

·         Remove server version information

·         Manager role should not be able to reset Administrator role password.

Deployment Updates

·         Starting with this release 9.8.0 Database migration can run under DB account or Windows account credentials

Command line setting -wa should be used to migrate under Windows account, example:

Migrate9.7.0-9.8.0.bat -wa

·         Java applets are resigned with certificate valid until 2020

·         DB update required for Purge 1.13 with scalability enhancements in included to 9.8.0  DB migration

·         DB update required for Scheduler 2.15 with scalability enhancements in included to 9.8.0  DB migration

Compatibility with the services

Required minimum versions of Thru services:

·         Thru FTP Service – 2.0.37

·         Thru SFTP Service – 2.2.0

·         Thru Purge Service – 1.13

·         Thru Scheduler Service – 2.15

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