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Get tab

Get is an inbound action to download (pickup) files from a Thru MFT.

Streaming method is used, no limits on file size.

It is also used to get File metadata.

• Thru MFT API returns only one file per request.
• The user should specify the Secret Key (v2) or Transport code (v1) in the parameter value for File pick up operation.
• The user should specify the FileCode in the parameter value for File_Metadata operation.

If the above mentioned parameters are not set the connector returns an error message.

If the Get operation is successful for a file operation the file is returned in binary format along with the Filename and File code as the document properties in the output.

File metadata operation returns a JSON output with the all the available details for the corresponding Filecode provided in the input parameter for the File_Metadata operation.

Illustration 1: Pickup (get Operation with File Option)

Illustration 2: File_Metadata (get Operation with Metadata Option)

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