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Thru Connector


Thru's MFT Connector for Boomi enables a Boomi process to call the Thru service for data channel operations.

Thru's MFT connector is an operation-based connector, meaning you need to configure a specific operation for the connector to perform within a Boomi process.

Thru is a cloud based Managed File Transfer as a Service (MFTaaS) that enables enterprises and their partners to share files based on a postal service model.

Both Enterprise and Partner organizations simply “Pickup” and or “Dropoff” files in Thru via a self-managed file exchange portal.

Internal teams, business units or systems can also use Thru flows to interact with one another’s end points with the ability to subscribe to file exchange “Flows”.

This powerful combination of industry leading file exchange and integration platform solutions, enables enterprises to “drag and drop” complex file exchange processes into an enterprise business ecosystem with ease.

Thru is built on 3 primary components:

  • Organizations – File exchange process participants

  • End Points – File exchange source and target locations

  • Flows – File exchange workflow process

Once granted access by the Enterprise, Organizations self-manage their users and reusable End points.

End points are used to subscribe to the Flows (file exchange processes) that the Enterprise has exposed to the Organization.

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