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Update tab

Update is an outbound action to upload a status on the Flow outcome to Thru.

Flow Outcome passes resulting status of the Flow to Thru MFT service, where it can be viewed in dashboards by the administrators.

Flow Outcome results : 1-passed, 2-failed, 3-mixed.

Mixed cases may happen in the batch processing when some records generate exceptions.

In case of batch processing, Flow Outcome may optionally return notes on the Flow outcome, ID of message, counters of total and Failed records.

Flow outcome JSON object is used as the input for the update operation of the connector.

On successful update operation, status of 200 is returned with a empty payload body.

Else, a failure of status 500 with the exception message from Thru MFT API is returned.

Illustration 1: Flow Outcome (Update Operation)


Note : Not required for v2

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