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Main Concepts of Thru MFT

Flows / Transports – are file exchange processes that are created in Thru MFT, which allows you to exchange files between Mule flows and Organizations (Partner) according to business processes.

  • Transports have different types, but the most common are Feed and Push (Flows in V2 support Many to Many type file exchanges)

  • Flows / Transports are managed in the Thru MFT portal:



Organizations – Simply are business entities that exchange files with each other (e.g. individuals, enterprises, vendors, etc.). Organizations are created for business partners and users to enable self-management of access to different flows.

  • Organizations subscribe to Flows / Transports to exchange files with specific Mule flows.

  • Organizations can be subscribed to one or multiple Flows / Transports for exchanging files with different Mule flows.

  • Organization subscriptions to Flows / Transports are managed by enterprise administrators or self-managed by Organization administrators via the Thru MFT portal:



End Points – Are source or target locations that are created for Organizations to send and receive data and files (e.g. Amazon S3, FTP server, etc.).

  • Multiple End Points can be created in each Organization.

  • Endpoints can be managed by enterprise administrators or self-managed by Organization administrators.

  • Endpoints exchange files between external repositories of the Organization and Thru MFT is able to participate in multiple Transports at a time, reusable connecting to Mule flows.



Using the Thru Connector:

The Thru MFT Connector allows you to maintain all the advantages of Thru MFT while easily integrating with Mulesoft API’s.

In each Mule flow, the Thru MFT Connector is configured to communicate with a single Flow / Transport. One Mule flow connects to one Thru MFT Flow / Transport, using the Thru MFT Connector for Mulesoft in One-to-One mapping.

Retention - Thru MFT service has a build-in file repository that scales horizontally, storing the files that are transferred between Mule flow and Organization End Points and supports flexible retention policies.

Simple API - Thru MFT service implements simple and comprehensive REST API which is exposed via Thru MFT connector API, see Connector Operations.

This document assumes that you are familiar with Mule, Anypoint Connectors, and Anypoint Studio. To increase your familiarity with Studio, consider completing a Anypoint Studio Tutorial.

This page requires basic knowledge of Mule ConceptsElements in a Mule flow, and Global Elements.

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