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21/06/23 Ver

Release Notes - [Thru AFT] [Ver]
Release Date: [21/06/23]

[New Features]

New User Role : Org Transfer - A user with this role can only upload/download files via the web portal with access limited to the scope of Organizations where a user is assigned. Similar to V1 Org Limited User role.

Org Transfer users are associated with one or more organizations and may only be able to upload/download to flows in the associated organizations.

When an Org Transfer user signs into the portal, the access is limited to the following portal elements:

  • file upload page with selection of flows in the associated Organizations that have Manual Upload flow endpoint configured

  • Activity page showing file activity in the associated organizations with files available for download.

User Experience

  • Org Transfer user ability to upload and download files is controlled via separate toggles in UI.

  • Four user Roles are implemented, as reference in the user guide under User Type :

    • Instance Admin

    • Instance User

    • Org User

    • Org Transfer


User Authentication API requires MFA code - Initial authentication API call sends email with MF code that should be provided as a parameter in authentication call which returns the token, example is in Thru API swagger at <BaseURL>/swagger

[Other Notes]

Tooltips - have been fixed. I.E. mouse over a flow name on Activity page to see the full name.


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