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Azure Blob

To create an Azure Blob endpoint:

  1. Click Organizations.

  2. Select an organization.

  3. Click Endpoints.

  4. Click the + Add Endpoint button.

  5. Enter the name in the Endpoint Name * field.

  6. Select Azure Blob from the Type * drop-down.

  7. Choose the Auth Type - Connection String, Access Key or Share Access Token

  8. Define the Container Name * or Container URL * depending on the Auth Type.

  9. Define the Connection String *, Storage Account Name * or Shared Access Token * depending on the Auth Type.

  10. Enter a description for the endpoint.

  11. Click the Save button.

Connection String


Access Key


Share Access Token


It's important to note that utilizing Thru's SaaS service for outbound connections might necessitate the whitelisting of our IP addresses by the respective target endpoints. This proactive step helps ensure seamless and secure communication, allowing our service to reliably interact with designated external systems and deliver optimal performance.

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