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For portal users if the wrong credentials are provided they will be locked out and eventually banned.

Users are allowed 10 failed password attempts before being locked out of the service.

Please see the amount of attempts and time duration below.

First 2 failed attempts have no built in delay

  • 3 attempts, 1 minute lockout.

  • 4 attempts, 2 minute lockout.

  • 5 attempts, 3 minute lockout

  • 6 attempts, 4 minute lockout

  • 7 attempts, 5 minute lockout

  • 8 attempts, 6 minute lockout

  • 9 attempts, 7 minute lockout


10 attempts, the user will receive an error message “Too many failed login attempts. Account Disabled”.


The user is then banned from access, an instance administrator can unban the user or let the ban time run out.


For an instance admin to unban a user, they can click on the tri dot in the action column.


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