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The Users dashboard displays information on all active users in your instance.

+ Add Users to your instance and manage their settings from the Actions menu.

In the following steps, we will add a new User to the instance.

The Users created in the Administration panel are Thru Web Portal instance users, not Thru Server FTPS/SFTP users who can access a Thru Server endpoint.

Add User

  1. Click the + ADD USER button.

  2. Enter a username in the Username * field.

  3. Enter a name in the First Name * field.

  4. Enter a last name in the Last Name * field.

  5. Enter an email in the Email * field.

  6. Toggle Log Session if needed.

  7. Click Save.

To see a user's history, you must enable Log Session when creating a user.

Role Templates

  • Four user Roles Templates are provide by default, as shown in the following user creation screenshot :

    • Instance Admin

    • Instance User

    • Org User

    • Org Transfer

Choose the User Type to be associated with the user. More information about the roles can be found in the User Type section

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