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Create PGP Key

  1. Click the Organization tab.

  2. Select an organization.

  3. Click on the PGP Keys tab.

  4. Click the + Create PGP KEY button.

  5. Enter the Key Name * in the key name field.

  6. Confirm the Username/Email *.

  7. Select the Algorithm * from the drop-down list.

  8. Select the Key Strength * from the drop-down list.

  9. Enter a Pass Phrase *.

  10. Confirm the Pass Phrase *.

  11. Set an expiration date.

  12. Enter a description for the PGP Key.

  13. Click Generate Key.


Key Name: Unique name for tracking and file name generation.

Username or Email: PGP keys require user identification.

Algorithm: Asymmetric key encryption algorithm.

Key Strength: Length of the asymmetric key which is used to encrypt the symmetric key (256 bit) used for encryption of file content.

Pass Phrase: Private key protection (at least six characters).

Expiration Date: The expiration date might help in the case you lose the private key. (Keys will eventually expire instead of staying permanently in the key server).

Description: Enter a description for the PGP Key.

After clicking Generate Key, a window will appear with buttons to download the private and public keys.

Make sure to download both keys when this screen appears.

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