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Creating Folders

This section will show you how to create new folders on your Thru site.

A great way to organize content among users on your site is to create folders for each department or project under the Shared Files folder.

To create a folder:

  1. Navigate to the location where you want to add a folder and select the Add Folder button. The Add Folder window opens.

  2. Type in the folder’s name and description then click Save. The folder will then be added to your desired location.

Renaming Folders

To rename folders on your site:

  1. Select the folder and go to Summary from the Folder Details Tabs.

  2. Click Modify and then type in the new name of the folder. You can also edit or add a description.

  3. Click Save when complete.

The folder rename will be reflected for all users that share the folder.
If a default folder was renamed, it will be applied to all users on your site.
Only an administrator can rename a default folder.

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