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Managing Folders

The User Portal is where you can view and manage your site’s file system using the folder tree on the left-hand side of the page.

There are three default folders at the initial account setup: Shared Files, Home, and Outbox.

Below are the definitions of the three default folders.

Default Folder Definitions

Shared Files: The SHARED FILES folder is where you can add folders that are shared among users and groups.
To learn how to create folders and share them with users and groups, go to Creating Folders and Adding Users and Groups to Folders.

Administrators have full access to any folders that are created in the Thru web portal. (but those administrators need to be in the Administrators Group)

Home: The HOME folder is where the My Documents and My Dropbox folders are located for each user.
The Home folder is where you can view all of the files and folders of each user.
You can also set up links to each user’s Dropbox folder so that they can securely receive large files from external users.
Links can be added to email signatures, websites, or anywhere that supports hyperlinks.
To learn how to create links to Dropbox folders, go to Setting Up Dropbox Links

Outbox: The OUTBOX folder contains all files that were sent from a user’s local machine via the Thru desktop plugins (e.g. Outlook Plugin, IBM Notes Plugin).
Sent attachments are categorized in folders within the Outbox by the date they were sent.

You can rename default folders and it will be reflected for every user.
Users with member roles can only rename their personal folders and folders that they have been given the rights to modify.
To learn how to rename folders, go to Renaming Folders.

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