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File Type Rules

File-type rules have a site-wide scope, except for select folders and the existence of exclusive user and file-level rules.

To prohibit a certain file type, you can define zero-day file type rules with automatic deletion.

If you are only interested in monitoring certain file types, you can turn off automatic deletion.

To see all group rules, navigate to Administration > Retention > Rules > File Types form.

To create a new file types rule, click on “Add-Type Rule” in the top action bar.

File Type Rules on My Dashboard
File type rules are listed on the My Dashboard page for all users.
The section will not appear if there are no file type rules.

Adding a New File Type Rule
To add a new file type rule, select a file type. You can create a new file type by selecting the “add new file type” option at the bottom of the File Type list.

Then select a definition. You can create a new definition by selecting the “add new definition” option at the bottom of the Rule Definition list.

File Type Rule Folder Exclusions
To see all excluded folders, navigate to Administration > Retention > Rules > File Types > Excluded Folders form.

  • All file type rules are excluded. There is no way to select which file type rules to exclude.

  • Exclusion always applies to all sub-folders.

Excluding a Folder
In order to exclude a folder, you need to navigate to it, choose the Retention tab, click on Modify and then uncheck the “Enforce File Type Rules” option.

Folder Exclusion Inheritance
In this screenshot, the Logs subfolder of the Retention folder shows that file type rules are not being enforced.
The option is disabled because exclusion always applies to the entire subtrees under the folder which is excluded.

Removing Folder Exclusion
Folder exclusion can be removed from the Exclusion list form using the Delete button on the top action bar.

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