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Retention Effective Rules

The Thru retention policy service was designed with an emphasis on data protection.

Besides email notifications, the system also shows the effective rule when any user, not only an administrator, navigates through the system.

If the rules are in effect or about to become effective, the system shows a red warning together with the effective rule messages.

  • Effective rule alerts are an important feature especially for administrators because they can see which rule is effective at any level by simply navigating to it.

The following are sample effective rule messages to demonstrate system behavior.

  • Effective rule popups can be annoying if you are working on other things.

You can turn it off for the session by checking the “Do not show for the rest of this session” option.

Alerts cannot be turned off from the Retention tab because it is important for retention administration.

Certain alerts can be removed altogether by turning off UI alerts in the retention definition.

File and Folder Summary Tabs

In the following screenshot, the system shows that the file “Collaboration Doc.docx” is subject to a folder-level and to a file-type rule.

The folder level rule will become effective in three days, but the file type rule is already in effect.

Since file rule types are effective side-by-side with the folder-level rule, the file is due for removal (!) because of the file type rule.

  • Important Note: Effective rule does NOT show whether the rules have an automatic deletion or not. From a policy services perspective, all rules are treated equally.

The system does not know if the retention administrator does it manually instead of using the Automatic Deletion option.

From the user perspective, a file could be removed at any time after the rule becomes effective.

User and Group Detail Tabs

In the next screenshot, by navigating to the user the system shows that there is a retention rule on the group the user belongs to.

  • Important Note: A user cannot belong to multiple groups with different retention rules.

The system will raise an error when trying to add the user to a group with a different rule or when trying to add or change the rule for a group the user belongs to.

In the next screenshot, the system shows that the group is subject to a site-level rule:

User Exclusive with Other Rules

In this screenshot, the system notifies the user that even though there is a site-level rule, their file is not affected by it because he has an exclusive rule which takes precedence.

Effective Rule Deletion Warning

This important feature was added to show you what the effective permission will be if you remove the rule BEFORE you actually remove it.

To get this alert, create a site-level rule and a folder rule.

Then, edit the folder rule and change the drop-down value to “no rule”.

The system will show the following warning. After clicking okay, you decide whether to save the change or to cancel.

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