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Setting Up SFTP Public Key Authentication

Requests for SFTP public key authentication on a customer Thru site must come from the Thru customer and not from the Thru customer’s customer.

The process will be as follows:

An email from the Thru customer service contact authorizing the addition of the public key to their site. (including their own)

The service contact will also need to provide the Thru user account that will be used with the public key authentication.

Thru support requires this information to complete the configuration on the Thru servers.

The Thru customer must provide Thru with their customer’s public key sent to us via the secure upload link.

We cannot accept the public key directly from the 3rd party.

If the Thru customer’s customer contacts Thru support directly, Thru Support will notify the Thru customer service contact via email about the request.

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