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Add Thumbnails to Files

Thumbnail view is available from the View options when listing files. Thumbnails are reference graphics that are created automatically for many graphic files.

If the file is not one of the supported image formats, you can upload a custom image to be the image representation of the file. 

An example of a custom image is the bananas graphic as shown below for the Collaboration_Doc_2.docx file.

A user can switch between the details and thumbnails views of the contents of the folder selected using the toggle menu shown below.

 To add a new thumbnail image for a selected file, first, click the Add button as shown below in the image.

A new window will then appear and show a list that will let you select up to three files at once.

Click Select File to select the image file you wish to assign as the thumbnail image file.

After the image(s) are selected, click Upload.

To make sure the thumbnail works for the file, go to the folder where file is located and select the
Thumbnail view instead of Details view.

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