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View and Modify Access to Content

The Access tab displays who has access to the folder and what functions they can perform.

The Access tab does not appear when viewing files, only folders.

Only users with Manage rights can click Modify to edit the access settings.

Note : Access rights of a folder also apply to its sub-folders unless they have been individually set to be different from the parent folder.

The following access rights are available:

  • Read: Permits viewing of the contents of the folder.

  • Create: Allows the user to upload new files to the folder.

  • Delete: Permits the user to delete from the folder.

  • Modify: Enables modification of details within the Summary tab and uploading of a new version of the file.

  • Download: Allows download of any file or folder within the folder.

  • Send: Enables sending of files and folders from within the folder to any recipient.

  • Manage: Allows visibility of the Access tab to grant user and group access to a folder.

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