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Get Example - FLOW_PICKUP

This guide expects you to have created a Transport in Thru and generated the connector access details.

  1. Create a component.

  2. To simplify the process to start with, set your Start Shape to No Data

  3. Add a Thru MFT connector to the canvas.

  1. Configure the Connector Shape parameters with the details provided from the Thru platform.

  2. Start with adding a Connection

  3. Populate the Connection details

  4. Once saved, define the operation

  5. Add flow key to the Flow Secret field

  6. Click Import button, select to browse in atom or cloud, from the import option choose FLOW_PICKUP

  7. You need to specify the Transport code in the parameter value for File pick up operation.

  8. Set the Parameter variable :

    This needs to be the ID of the transport code.

You can set your flow secret on a Set Properties shape instead, and leave the Flow Secret field empty.

Also, if you selected to set your flow secret on a Set Properties shape then you can complete the fields Input: ID, Type: Static Static Value: (leave empty). The flow secret set on the properties shape will be used and will override any transport code you have added.

Steps 12, 13 , and 14 will assist you in setting up secret flow on the Set Properties shape. If you do not wish to use a Set Properties shape you are finished setting up Flow_Pickup.

12. Search for Set Properties shape, drag and drop it between start shape and the connector shape.

13. Under Properties to set click +, select Property Type: Document Property, Source Type: Connectors, Connectors: (Thru MFT Connector), Properties: FlowSecret and click OK

14. Click Parameters + Set Type: Static, Set Static Value: (Flow Key Goes here) click OK and click OK again.

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