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This category of endpoint enables Thru to utilize Microsoft SharePoint either as an originating or destination directory.

The SharePoint domain requires to be associated with Thru MFT using App Registration

It's important to note that utilizing Thru's SaaS service for outbound connections might necessitate the whitelisting of our IP addresses by the respective target endpoints. This proactive step helps ensure seamless and secure communication, allowing our service to reliably interact with designated external systems and deliver optimal performance.

After integrating Thru MFT with the SharePoint environment, you can utilize the provided Client ID and Client Secret for configuration and authentication purposes.


Tenant Name *

Site URL *

Document Library * You will require a unique endpoint per Document Library that you require access to.

Client ID *

Client Secret *

Upon establishing a connection with SharePoint, Thru MFT gains access to ALL FILES HOSTED ON SHAREPOINT OR ONEDRIVE FOR ALL USERS IN THE DOMAIN. It's crucial to understand that this limitation is imposed by Microsoft and is related to delegated permissions within SharePoint.

Example Configurations

Here's an example of authentication details for accessing the main hub of a SharePoint site.


Here's an example of authentication details for accessing a document library contained in a SharePoint site. (note the unique Site URL referencing the Document Library)


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