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Endpoints are used by organizations to transfer files to (source) or receive files from (target) other organizations.

Thru supports multiple endpoint types :

  1. External SFTP/FTPS Servers

  2. Thru SFTP/FTPS Server

  3. Thru iPaaS Connector 

  4. Amazon S3 Bucket

  5. Azure Blob/Container

  6. File Share / Thru Node 

  7. Thru HTTPS Web UI Upload

  8. Thru File Sharing Site

  9. SharePoint / OneDrive

Thru categorizes endpoints into client and server types, specifically as external endpoints and Thru Server endpoints.

External endpoints are established when Thru connects to an external server using user-provided credentials. Thru Server endpoints, on the other hand, occur when Thru functions as a server for the user.

When utilizing a Thru Server endpoint, it is necessary to generate a User to gain access to the Thru server.

The Organizational Endpoints dashboard displays a curated list of all endpoints linked to a specific organization.

On this page, you can:

  • Create new endpoints for the organization.

  • Edit or duplicate endpoints

  • Enable/disable endpoints.

  • Delete endpoints.

  • View associated flows.

Organizational Endpoints are required to set up a file exchange processes in Flow Studio.


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